IBO Investimentos Lda.
Building sustainable, life-changing partnerships

IBO Investimentos Lda. and its sister-company IBO Investments NL BV are together looking for partnerships between entrepreneurs and businesses in South East Africa and Europe, with specific focus on Mozambique and the Netherlands. 

IBO pro-actively looks for products, technology and experience on both sides that can improve lives and businesses, with a strong focus on the three P's of sustainable development. 

The economic sectors where we feel we can make the best impact are agri-business, tourism, energy and mining, and real estate.

We are constantly looking for business opportunities in the region, where such ventures can improve lives and the state of our planet. IBO can support such ventures with advisory services, project management, local representation and venture capital. Also we set up trade routes both ways through our brand Ne&Mo Trading.

Please contact us if you would like to exchange ideas, if you need help accessing Mozambique or the EU with your product.